quarta-feira, novembro 24, 2010

Mind and stone

engine flows
like a tiger on the field
echoing away
through deep space tone

playing my thriller
clarinets are digital
cause machine is my

stand alone
in an antartic night
stereotypes don´t mind
orbital dust shine

no lame excuse
folklore isn´t  discipline
if  I want I call
myth atomic medicine

saved again, maybe
what else flies?
say techno-talker
and moment-looper

now you know me
my teeth ate all forest
and my madness
your hero

additive in pulse
for a square heart
underwater breath
as silver heat lives

listen to the old smile
am acid again

remember the dream
that keep us awake
became a cloud

get umbrella
it is time to rain


2 comentários:

fabiano Silmes disse...

This text seems to echo in my head like a scream surreal in the middle, over the course of seconds, and the ages of caos.Essa was your intention?

Fabiano Silmes

to0T4L disse...

Despi-me um pouco da lógica, para pintar uma imagem livre, do inconsciente a primeira vista, porém, indutiva em seu conjunto.